Overview trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury released

Lots of new information in this 7 minute overview video

Team up with up to 3 other players to save the Sprixie Kingdom from the greedy clutches of Bowser. Then, adventure through the islands of Lake Lapcat, where unlikely allies Mario and Bowser Jr. unite to stop gargantuan Bowser from his furious rampage. Play two adventures in one game—Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021, only on Nintendo Switch.


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If they just rerelease the game, people complain. If they add something cool and substantial, people complain.

What's your solution then? Have them develop it also as a DLC to a system that died in 2014 and was buried in 2017 while we are living in 2021?

Wed Jan 13 21 09:09am
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“Takes place in a Kingdom of cats” - yeah this definitely started as Odyssey DLC.

I will 100% pick this up. I shouldn’t, because I’m trying to clear a backlog, but I will.

I think it's more inspiration or coincidence. The layout looks nothing like Odyssey

I think it does. It looks very much like an Odyssey kingdom than a 3D World area imo. With a tiny sprinkle of Sunshine with the “Cat Shines” Smile

In the original 3D World they suffered great time constraints. One piece of evidence is that the only big area in that game is quite empty. However, not accounting for size, what they've shown in the video could be chopped up to make a bunch of smaller levels that would fit the aesthetic and design of 3D World, not Odyssey... IMO

The sprinkle of Sunshine I agree 100% and love it Smile

Locking exclusive power-ups behind amiibo is not cool.

Wed Jan 13 21 10:11am
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Eh, I agree in principle but this is literally just yet another easy mode powerup. What's more scummy to me is forcing people to rebuy SM3DW in order to play Bowser's Fury. That's real substantial content they seem to be locking behind a full-price double-dip.

If they just rerelease the game, people complain. If they add something cool and substantial, people complain.

What's your solution then? Have them develop it also as a DLC to a system that died in 2014 and was buried in 2017 while we are living in 2021?

Wed Jan 13 21 10:48am
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They could just also offer it as a standalone game for 30$ or whatever (depending on how long/substantial it is) for people who already own SM3DW. Pretty simple solution I think.

Also I don't complain about straight ports lol

They have absolutely no reason to do that. Why do something that will confuse the average consumer AND directly reduce your income?

Also I don't complain about straight ports lol

Never said the first one was you, mate ;)

Yes, it is clearly a financial decision to wring out more money from people who already have SM3DW but would be interested in this new content that they are billing as a separate, standalone adventure. Hence why I consider it scummy. I don't really see the need for the confrontational tone you're taking.

If asking a question is confrontational, I have no idea what you consider otherwise.

But I will give it another try... Will you buy this game?

The problem here is that the games hold value. For something to sell less than full price, its value would have to be like...valueless? As in, people would stop buying the games?

Like seriously, SMO is still selling. The same goes for 3H and BOTW. Why would they lower the price unless the games stop selling?

Huh? I'm not saying the price of the port should be lowered. I'm saying they should offer Bowser's Fury on its own at an appropriate price for people not interested in buying SM3DW again (or at all). It's clearly built and billed as a standalone adventure so there really shouldn't be any issue. It's also pretty clearly not a full-priced game's worth of content by itself, which is why I find it scummy to force people to pay full price to access it when it could easily be divided up and sold separately.

Ah my mistake...

Still, how can they do this. The Wii U is like gone now and there is no way for Nintendo to offer the game at a discount to those who bought a Wii U which can cause damage to the sales.

Plus selling it as a standalone title can just be rather..lackluster. Look at Captain Toad, Starfox Zero Gaurd as examples. I mean why have standalone that are shorter than the actual content?

I don't mean to suggest that they should finagle some system that detects whether the user owns the game on WiiU, what I'm suggesting is that they should have the game be available on its own for everyone on the eShop. People could decide whether they want the combo pack or just the new adventure (meaning people who own SM3DW already, or are not interested in it, can choose to just buy Bowser's Fury).

Not really sure what your point is in the second part, can you clarify? Captain Toad is a great game and I'm a huge fan, and Star Fox Guard was interesting but seemed a little half-baked so I never picked it up. If I did, it would have been without StarFox Zero though.

I'm saying that having a standalone for a specific game added to another game seems like a wasted effort for Nintendo to do in this case since we don't know how much is offered in Bowser's Fury. If its just going to be for like...five hours, what's the point of it being a standalone?

Fri Jan 15 21 07:21am
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No, just offer Bowser's Fury as a standalone DLC on Switch for users who played 3D World on Wii U. It's so simple, no?

Please explain to me why a company would confuse their user base and decrease their revenue at the same time?
The majority of Switch owners are not hardcore and don't follow videogame news regularly. Suddenly you have two versions to confuse them into buying the wrong one.
And then you have people who would knowingly buy just the "DLC" for less than $60, sure. But most of them would also end up double dipping and thus they'd make less money.

I mean, besides those two issues, brilliant idea

Wed Jan 13 21 12:12pm
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What's locked up in the amiibo only? As far as I can tell, you can get the abilities without the amiibo.

Locking exclusive power-ups behind amiibo is not cool.

Nothing says they’re exclusive power-ups to amiibo. Just that those amiibo summon those specific power-ups whereas other amiibo will likely summon random power-ups.

You’re likely able to get the power-ups in-game without the Cat Mario or Cat Peach amiibo.

Wed Jan 13 21 01:47pm
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I'd love for Nintendo to tell us how long Bowser's Fury is. If it's just two hours of gameplay, I can't imagine it being worth buying 3D World a second time.

Doesn't look like there is a lot of content in bowser's fury. I think if there was more to it than a single level with a bunch of hidden collectibles, this would have been the video to show it. The video seems to have basically shown the whole thing end to end. Definitely not worth rebuying 3D World for this if you own it already.

What I'm most disappointed about is that in online co-op, progress only saves for whoever is the host.

Wow, I'm super surprised at how negatively many are taking this. I'm happy to get the game again for increased resolution and online alone. It'll be so much easier to play multiplayer with Switch controllers than the awkward Wii U setup. This was an all-time classic that relatively few people got to play thanks to Wii U's tiny userbase.

And, on top of it,we get a KILLER looking new adventure that blends 64/Sunshine/Odyssey collecting/adventuring with SM3DW style platforming WITH a crazy co-op twist (Bowser Jr in a clown car?!) and most people are like "How many hours is it, though?"

Video games should be about fun, imagination, and adventure and if they are just bumming you out, find a hobby that actually rewards you. I have had phases over last fifteen years when i wasn't so into games, and a ten-year gap before that when I hardly touched them, and it's okay to just admit you don't have that child-like wonder and excitement and come back when you do.

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