GoNintendo Video - Super Mario 3D World's Bowser's Fury mode looks INSANE!

Fast and furrious

Super Mario 3D World fans from the Wii U days have a pretty considerable reason to double-dip. Over the last couple of days, Nintendo has finally shared new details on the Bowser's Fury mode, and it's quite a wild scenario! All I know is that I can't wait to give it a go!

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I disagree RMC. I find SM3DW to be the weakest of all 3D Mario games. It's weak 3D, it copied 3D Land, lacked its selling point, 3D, and I absolutely hate having to press a button to run. That's only a few reasons, it also lacks any real difficulty until the end. Bowser's Fury is more like Odyssey DLC in a SM3DW skin.

The music though. I think that's an aspect that didn't resonate as strongly in Odyssey.

Maybe not in it's entirety, but there was a lot of great music there.

Think the best part with 3D world (Also Mario Bros Wii) is the co-op and the fact that this has online ain't so bad. I'm a bit surprised even.

Bowser's Fury looks fun for sure, but perhaps not douple dip fun? I didn't have 3D world myself, so I might get this. I liked what I played at least.

Mario 3D land was weak. WAY too easy except for that secret level.

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