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Ninjala Developer Diary #12 dives into Season 4, reveals new collabs, and teases Season 5

Ninjala keeps on keeping on
by rawmeatcowboy
14 January 2021
GN Version 5.0

Another developer diary for Ninjala has been released, and it dishes out all sorts of details on what's just around the corner, as well as updates for the future. First details on new collab with Suda51's Let It Die are also shared. You can check out all that and more in the video above, or read a quick recap below.

Our delightful dev diary hosts Morishita-san and Kaneda-san are back with the first details on what you can expect from Ninjala in 2021!

Season 4 has just gotten underway, so if you were hoping for news about this season’s collaborations, we’ve got you covered. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is coming back in a big way, and we’ve got a special GungHo collab skating your way soon, too!

But Season 4 collaboration updates aren’t all that our hosts have to discuss. No, we’ve gone and put out a roadmap of what you can look forward to over the next few seasons, too!

Season 5 will introduce new weapons, new collabs, a new Featured Battle, and we’re going to be adding in a more in-depth tutorial system, too. The good times keep rolling in Season 6, where we’ll celebrate Ninjala’s one-year anniversary with some special things, along with a new stage, new weapon, and a new collab.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the S-Blast Battle Test Play! Featured Battle will be added this month, but you’ll have to watch to get all the details on what that means.