Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town's character customization, having a child, pets, new residents, and more detailed

A fun time at the old farm

There's been a ton of info released for STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town lately, and it seems we're not done yet. Another big batch of screens have come in, along with more gameplay details. If you want to see the new gallery of screens and art, you can find it here. You can read up on character customization, having a child, pets, new residents, and more below. This information has been translated by Gematsu.

■ Enjoying Farm Life with a Personalized Protagonist

You can freely customize the appearance, voice, fashion, and more of the protagonist to enjoy a farm life with as you a character as possible.

Changing Your Appearance

You can freely change the protagonist’s appearance at the start of the game. By going to the beauty salon, you can even change your appearance after the fact as well. From hairstyle to face shape, skin color, and so on, enjoy a farm life with a protagonist that most resembles you.

Changing Your Outfit

You can also dress up the protagonist with an abundance of different outfits. From light summer wear to heavy winter wear, glasses, hats, and more, change up your style depending on the mood of the day.

■ Enjoying Farm Life Even More

Building Your Home

While your base will be a simple tent at first, you can gather materials and build to turn your tent into a wonderful home. Why not try living in a nice house on a big farm?

Draining Ponds

With the new “bucket” tool, you can clear ponds discovered during cultivation and puddles that appear after it rains. If you clear out all the pond water, you may even discover a treasure.

Having a Child

You can have a child by getting married and strengthening your bonds. From cultivation to child raising, you can enjoy your life on the farm to the fullest.


You can keep pets such as dogs and cats at the farm. Cherish them as partners that pass each day with you on the farm, and you can even sign them up to participate in the occasional pet race in town. Enjoy a wonderful life surrounded by adorable pets.

Going around the vast farm on foot can be a bit difficult. A mount is your reliable companion in such a situation. From horses to wolves and even a motorbike, ride around the farm on your favorite mount.

Check out profiles for 15 different characters here


OMG you can have a Bernese Mountain Dog as a pet...must resist urge to buy.

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