HITMAN 3 - CLOUD VERSION arrives for Switch on Jan. 20th, 2021

Reaching for the clouds

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I think cloud versions is a great idea, but they need to lower the price and specify a time frame, so it becomes like a rental. I could pay e.g. $10 to have access to this game for a year. That way, I don't have ro worry about the fact that I won't be able to play the game in a few years when they shut down the server, because that's already part of the deal.

Agreed. If a native Switch version of a game isn’t feasible then a cloud version is better than nothing at all but publishers have to recognise the inherent loss in value a cloud version has over an actual port. Reliance on internet connection to play, potential for fluctuating performance based on your connection and eventual service discontinuation mean cloud versions are just less valuable than other versions, no way around it. You’re renting it no matter how you cut it and you shouldn’t be charged full price at all.

Though, $10 for a year’s access might be too optimistic for what publishers would be willing to sell it for if they eased up on the pricing for these versions. I think $10 a month would be more likely and to be honest I don’t think that’d be a bad deal at all.

I've said it before, but they need to sort out the price of these. Charging full price for a rental is not on. My suggestion was that they tie cloud games to Nintendo Switch Online in some way. There's not enough of them yet, so maybe Nintendo could give them a cut of the subscription fee. Or perhaps have a low entry additional fee on top of the €20 annual charge, and as the library increases, the price can go up.

The way they're doing it now though is not right or fair. You no more own them than you do the online NES and SNES games on Switch. Imagine being asked to pay say even $20-$30 for each of these. Chances are these cloud games will be taken down before Nintendo Switch Online ends.

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