Update now available for Glyph in Europe

Earlier than expected

We previously detailed an updated planned for Glyph, but in some good news, that update has launched sooner than expected in Europe. You can get full details on the update below.

A speedy update was delivered by Nintendo and Bolverk Games this morning (Friday, Jan. 15th) after the studio’s 3D open-world platformer launched with some issues earlier this month.

The game is now in perfect condition, playing as it is supposed to.

The update contains:

- A lot of polish.
- Controller vibrations.
- A main menu.
- Some glitch fixes.
- A lot of new soundtracks.
- A final boss fight.
- Even more customization.
- More NPC interaction.
- An improved tutorial.

Glyph will launch in the Americas on February 1st, as scheduled.


Skip the tutorial via the main menu if you don’t feel like playing it again. Skipping the tutorial will give you all of the collectibles that the tutorial levels contain, allowing you to progress as if you collected everything up until that point.

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