The Super Famicom almost got a Back to the Future II RPG

Great Scott!

There have been a few different Back to the Future games over the years, most of which haven't been so hot. Telltale did a fine job with their series, but outside of that, it's been slim pickings quality-wise. If only there were another game to take a crack at the series and give it a chance to shine...

Turns out there almost was another Back to the Future game, and it was all the way back in the SNES/Super Famicom days. An old Famitsu scan shows us that a Back to the Future II game in a Legend of Zelda style was being worked on. For whatever reason, that project ended up canned. The Super Famicom did get a Back to the Future II game, but it was a side-scrolling title. Whatever happened to this RPG project has been lost to history.

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I love that the final lines in Japanese basically say "Looks like Michael J Fox huh?" and"Wooooww! Bringing back the excitement of the movies!"

I thought that was all in the ad blurb and thought "... Famitsu usually says more than this..." Sure enough the original scan gives a little more detail. It would follow the plot of the movie and there would have been DeLorean and hover board sections. I wonder if they thought "These hoverboard sections are so bad... Why don't we make the whole game on hoverboard so nobody will be able to compare the gameplay to any good or interesting sections??" And there came the actual BttF2 game on SFC.

Marty and Doc could use the DeLorean to travel back to 1992 and rescue it.

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