Ash's voice actress from Pokemon talks about the recent struggles she's faced voicing the character

Sarah Natochenny has been providing the voice for Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon anime since 2006. She's always done a wonderful job, bringing lots of joy and emotion to the character. Unfortunately, Natochenny has found doing the work a bit of struggle in recent times.

Over on Sarah's official Twitter, she shares comments on how the pandemic has impacted her voice work. You can see her full comments below.

Faithfully portraying a joyful character like Ash Ketchum in times like these, while sitting in a booth (my closet) by myself, is an acting challenge like you wouldn’t believe. My source of joy - no joke - the only real human source I pull from, is the joy I see in the comments from fans. Your joy and excitement is the joy and excitement I channel into Ash Ketchum.

If you want to help Sarah keep that joy, you can hit her up on Twitter here and share some kind words.

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