New gameplay details shared on the Bowser's Fury mode in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Fear the Fury Sun!

The Nintendo UK site for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury has shared a few more details on what the Bowser's Fury mode has to offer. You can read a summary of that info below.

- Bowser has been tainted by a mysterious black goop, which turns him into Fury Bowser
- the shell that we see Bowser trapped in is called the Fury Sun
- the Fury Sun will always rise up near the island you're on
- weather will change, which indicates how much time you have until the Fury Sun emerges
- if you’ve collected five Cat Shines on an island, you can activate the Giga Bell
- this is what transforms Mario into Giga Cat Mario
- defeat Fury Bowser and he'll be sent flying back into the water, which unlocks new islands for you to explore

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This sounds like an Open World take of the Mario franchise, and I am genuinely excited to try it out.

Sat Jan 16 21 04:25am
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Interesting! I like the “islandS” bit best, sounds like it’s more substantial than just one stage.

Smart idea to try out a new play style in a smaller add-on project.

Bowser has been tainted by a mysterious black goop

Stealth sequel to Paper Mario: Colour Splash?

Bowser's Fury seems like a mix of Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Sunshine in a SM3DW skin.

Super Mario:Breath of the Bowser.

That’s a good headline. But I was thinking earlier that it's more like Wind Waker with traveling to the various little islands. Maybe:

Super Mario: The Wind Breaker.

This makes it sound like the game should be at least somewhat longer than what the trailer made it seem like. It might be that you fight Fury Bowser 3-5 times during the adventure.

Now this makes me want the Great Platuea as a Kingdom in Mario Odyssey 2.

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