Switch eShop file size round-up: Gal Gun Returns, Red Colony, Shing!, and more

Better make some room

Storage space getting tight on the Switch? Running out of room for future purchases? Now's the time to tidy things up and make way for games on the horizon. Check out the next slate of upcoming games below, and see how much room you'll need to squeeze them in.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption – 4.2GB
Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space – 3.3GB
Shing! – 2.9GB
TOHU – 2.2GB
Colossus Down – 2.1GB
Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 – 2.0GB
Gal Gun Returns – 2.0GB
Sally Face – 1.6GB
Ziggy the Chaser – 1.4GB
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos – 1.4GB
Ephemeral: Fantasy on Dark – 1.3GB
Glyph – 1.3GB
All Walls Must Fall – 1.3GB
Project Starship X – 1.1GB
Adverse – 1.1GB
Red Colony – 1.0GB
Bonkies – 670MB
Unspottable – 636MB
Golden Force – 612MB
Sword of the Necromancer – 610MB
Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden – 526MB
The Choice of Life: Middle Ages – 494MB
The Unexpected Quest – 484MB
Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition – 479MB
Spinny’s Journey – 418MB
Chill Panda – 407MB
Bezier: Second Edition – 380MB
Otti: The House Keeper – 336MB
Air Bounce – The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge – 319MB
Legend of Numbers – 317MB
Frodoric The Driver – 293MB
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest – 293MB
Solas 128 – 236MB
Tadpole Treble Encore – 178MB
Nosferatu Lilinor – 172MB
Chess Royal – 147MB
Gradiently – 131MB
Habroxia 2 – 126MB
The Game is ON – 111MB
Bouncing Hero – 58MB
Jiffy – 42MB

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