Nintendo opens new Twitter account (@NintendoCoLtd) to share future Investor Relation news and financial announcements

Nintendo regularly hosts Investor meetings, and they frequently share their financial results for each quarter. We have often reported on these bits of information here on GoNintendo, and the information is usually released on Nintendo's website as a press release. Nintendo has now decided to make things easier; they have decided to open a new, separate Twitter account that will report on any and all financial information going forward. The account will present information in both Japanese and English, and the account will solely focus on investor information; no game announcements will be made here.

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This is great. More companies should split stuff this way.

Financial reports can be very interesting, like how they are planning the future of their business and all, but it's also filled with too much blaaablaabaaah that's just not my thing. I approve of this =)

This can be good or bad depending on how it's done. If all Nintendo really does is reveal financial reports, then fine. But then leakers are gonna leak and give out information that could end up being false and could be a problem when the figures are revealed.

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