Nintendo releases "Adventures with Familiar Faces Await on Switch" trailer

How many adventures have you taken?

Adventures with your favorite characters are waiting for you on Nintendo Switch! Whether you have just picked up a Nintendo Switch over the holidays or are looking for the next game to play, here's a recap of a few of the journeys that await with some familiar friends.

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I'm glad they mentioned Donkey Kong. Nintendo kinda likes to pretend it doesn't exist.

Seeing Crash and Spyro was weird but cool.

Mon Jan 18 21 02:33pm
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DK is one of the characters having a nice round anniversary this year.
We have the more notorious Pokemon's 25th and Zelda's 35th but also Metroid's 35th and DK's 40th
Here's hoping we get a smorgasbord to celebrate them all!!

The nerve that they didn't mention Super Mario Odyssey. But since they called out SMM2, I'll let it go this time.

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