Space Invaders Forever to see physical release through Walmart

Walmart...the final frontier

If you'd like to pick up a physical copy of Space Invaders Forever for Switch, you'll soon be able to do so through Walmart. ININ Games has announced a special partnership with the retailer for future releases, and the first on the docket is Space Invaders Forever. Read the full announcement for this partnership below.

We are happy to announce that our label ININ Games will start a new partnership to make our future releases available for even more customers, as well as add to the convenience for everyone who prefers to shop at Walmart.

With Walmart as a large and globally operating company, our label found a great partner and distribution channel for that ambition. The cooperation starts with Space Invaders Forever, on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 as the first game available in Walmart stores across the US.

We are very proud of our new partnership and are looking forward to a good cooperation going forward.

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It's been out for a month at my local walmart

I've had a copy of this game for over a month. I gave a copy to my wife as a Christmas gift.

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