Poke Lid lineup expands with 5 new covers in Ikaruga

Street art at its finest

There are over 140 manhole covers that have been beautified through the Poke Lid program. It's been a wonderful way to turn a common eyesore into something eye-catching. It's also a great way to bring in some tourism!

The latest location in Japan to get in on the Poke Lid program is Ikaruga, which is in the Nara Prefecture. Ikaruga has received 5 new manhole covers, and they feature Entei, Bronzong, Simisear, Growlithe, and Deerling. You can see what each one looks like in the lineup above.

Of course, if you’re ever visiting Japan (in the future, naturally) there’s a useful map of all the Poké Lids around Japan, and Poké Lid acts as a PokéStop in Pokémon GO. If only we could see something like this implemented within the US…

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Tricky title there, fun way to learn Ikaruga is a place, not only a game!

Wed Jan 20 21 05:08pm
Rating: 1

I feel that if a similar idea were brought to the US, terrible people would find a way to remove them and sell them on eBay. We generally can't be trusted with nice things.

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