Capcom revises their forecast upwards after Monster Hunter Rise pre-orders get off to a "promising start"

This could be a bigger hit than expected

Looks like Monster Hunter Rise might end up being a bigger hit than Capcom originally expected. The company has revised its forecast for the year ending March 31st, 2021 upwards, expecting net sales to be over 8% higher.

Capcom shared a number of reasons as to why they're expecting bigger business moving forward. You can see their full statement below.

“We have seen a solid performance by new title Resident Evil 3, along with continued growth in high-margin catalog titles with long sales cycles, such as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which was released in the previous fiscal year. Additionally, orders for Monster Hunter Rise, a major new title scheduled for release in March of this year, are off to a promising start. Altogether, this has led us to expect this business to outperform our plan.”


Sounds like a monster rise in sales!

While I believe it won't reach Monster Hunter World levels of sales numbers. I believe it will end up being the most profitable of the two for Capcom Smile

It's gonna take over japan, probably the best selling game in the series in that region.

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