Bandai releasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Chara-Magnets series in Japan

Take note

Bandai has just revealed another line of Animal Crossing: New Horizons merch for Japan. The company is releasing a series of Animal Crossing Chara-Magnets, and they're set to launch in Japan sometime in May 2021.

These packs are priced at roughly $2 each, and they pack in the following.

- one random magnet
- a card inspired by stationery from the game
- one piece of gum

As for what familiar faces you'll find on the magnets, here's the characters you have a chance of landing.

- Chrissy
- Dom
- Francine
- Hamlet
- Isabelle
- Jay
- Judy
- K.K. Slider
- Lily
- Molly
- Peanut
- Raymond
- Sherb
- Stitches
- Tom Nook
- Wolfgang


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