Devs behind Alder's Blood looking to bring dark JRPG-inspired "Nadir" to Switch via Kickstarter

Help bring this to Switch later this year

The team behind Alder's Blood has a new project coming up, and they're hoping to bring it to Switch. The dark JRPG-inspired Nadir will see its official Kickstarter launch in the near future, and you can read all about the game in the press release below.

Control a team of 3 powerful, yet extremely blemished characters, each representing one of the deadly sins, and try to escape the seemingly endless, multi-layered city containing different themes, enemies, and challenges. Adapt to new situations by creating various character builds, and maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Shockwork Games are now working on the Kickstarter campaign for the project. Additional funding will be used to polish and expand Nadir. The game already has a solid foundation.

If you're interested in supporting developers on Kickstarter, you can wishlist the campaign here. Once it launches, you'll be notified.

The city of Nadir stretches deep into the abyss, where damned souls spend eternity fighting for power and influence. No one can resist its grasp, but some will try to take over this hellish piece of land.

This is the city of the damned, a place where all manner of wretched creatures atones for their sins. No one can encounter peace here, continuous suffering and strife are what awaits lost beings in Nadir. The city’s numerous layers go deep into the abyss, each a home to a different kind of a twisted soul. At the lowest level, in the deepest darkness, the power resides, waiting to be claimed by those brave or foolish enough to try.


Nadir is a dark jRPG with procedurally generated maps burning of infernal fire and many extraordinary inspirations with the deepest influence coming straight from Dante’s Divine Comedy. The game features fast-paced combat with lots of abilities and special effects, terrifying enemies, strong and vivid, Sin-City inspired art style, and modding support for those who want to expand the world.


Control your Sins. Every Sin has its own Avatar, a shell that will bring its will to Nadir. As the avatar’s journey progresses, their power will grow, unlocking new abilities to fight even stronger threats. And if their shell fall, the abyss will produce more fools to try.

Strong visual art style. Monochrome style full of high contrasts inspired by comic books like Frank Miller’s Sin-City, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, and the works of Sergio Toppi and Tsutomu Nihei.

Bloodcurdling bosses. Each level of Nadir has its own Floor Guardian that you will have to defeat in order to go deeper into the city.

Twist on a turn system to make the encounter more exciting. A Threat Counter shows how much time is left before the enemy turn starts. Each character’s skill subtracts from the Threat Counter, so choose your skills carefully at the right time.

Choose your own approach and tactics with different team compositions. There are ways to prolong the player’s turn by using special skills or performing a skill combo.

Reach the bottom of Nadir. This goal seems simple, but considering the characteristics of Sins, will they actually be able to work together?

Nadir is currently under development, developers are planning to run a Kickstarter campaign for the game in the nearest future. Once development is complete, Nadir will launch on PCs (Steam, GOG), and Nintendo Switch. Release on the consoles (Xbox, PS) is also considered.


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