Materia Collective pledges to correct payment issue for Celeste B-sides composers

Changing their tune

Lena Raine crafted an amazing soundtrack for Celeste, and her tunes got some incredible remixes by a number of different composers for the game's collection of B-side levels. Unfortunately, those composers have gone two years without getting payment for their work.

Materia Collective is the team behind the collection of composers, and somehow they neglected to share royalties with those composers for the better part of two years. All in all, four composers on the project claim they haven't received their payments, and Materia Collective is finally speaking up.

Materia Collective says that outdated in-house software caused the issue, and the company promises to be better going forward. Composers who haven't received royalties will supposedly get all back pay by sometime in mid-February.

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That is really disappointing. Hopefully the payment process has no issues going forward.

Ain't a good sign. Between this, the sale fiasco they had back in August/September, and the customer service not being great...it seems like the company just isn't run well. I want to believe the apologies and such, but bad practices keep popping up

Sat Jan 23 21 02:20am
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Damn, I bought played and loved that game. This is a nasty stain and if I knew about this before then I would not have bought the game at all. They better pay these composers and make sure they get their share in royalties, being without pay after working on a contract is something that happens to a lot of people, many who will never be well known like these individuals and don't have the means/ funds to fight back. Going forward, I am going to be very wary of this company before buying from them again.

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