Gabe Newell says Miyamoto's games are "a lot of fun" and made him a better developer

Gabe knows what's up

The games of Shigeru Miyamoto have reached millions of people around the world, and turned many of them into lifelong Nintendo fans. From Mario to Zelda and everything else inbetween, Miyamoto has played a huge part in creating some of the most beloved characters and franchises in the game industry. That has earned the man a lot of respect, both from players and his peers.

One of those fans is none other than Valve's Gabe Newell. In an interview with NZTV, Newell spoke a bit about his appreciation for the works of Miyamoto, and what they mean to him as a developer.

"Playing Miyamoto's games, it's like, one, they're a lot of fun, but I can't think of any of his games I've ever played that didn't make me better as a game developer."

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Gabe lookin' like he's gonna help Will Smith fight off an alien invasion there.

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