The trouble for Protoculture Games and Devil Engine continues

Here we go again...

The situation surrounding the release of Devil Engine has been causing problems since day one. There's a long, long history of legal disputes and back-and-forth between developer Protoculture Games and publisher Dangen Entertainment, but things finally wrapped up juts a few days back. Unfortunately, it seems that one argument getting squashed has led to another rising up.

Truth be told, the whole situation is a bit hard to follow, and the twists and turns have my head spinning. Very long story short, Protoculture Games are in a dispute with Thomas and Joseph Bailey, the artist and musician for Devil Engine. The pair had withdrew consent for their works to be used, yet the game is still up for sale. The duo says that Tristan Chapman, developer on Devil Engine, is using the game's art and music without permission.

What happens from here on out? Your guess is as good as mine. Thomas and Joseph Bailey are asking people to not download the game from any platform due to the issue, but the game does remain live on the Switch eShop. We'll keep tabs on this situation and see how things play ou t.

Thanks to LED-MirrorKnight for the heads up!

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