New Pokemon Snap's photography evaluation detailed

Strike a pose

Nintendo has shared some new details on New Pokemon Snap on Twitter. In this info drop, we get to hear about how photography evaluation works. According to the details, Professor Mirror will evaluate your photos based on the following.

- subjects’ poses
- how large they appear
- how directly they’re facing you
- where they fall in frame

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I hope it also accounts for rule of thirds. Obviously that Primarina should be placed at the bottom left crash point of this composition.

Either you're being funny, or you'll be disappointed.

Is there an actual difference between this grading system and the original Snap? I've played it thrice, but this sounds the same.

Hopefully they let you save multiple photos you like that so you can have your "best photo according to Oak" and "actual best photo according to my flawless artistic sensibilities."

If anything there could also be a DLC adding a mode that grades with different criteria.

But still photography is subjective. If anyone wants to be graded in a more realistic way there's always facebook or twitter, which will likely be flooded with this stuff the first week or two.

I think the game has unreachable expectations but I still believe if people wanted more Pokemon Snap they're gonna get more Pokemon Snap.

Not all games need to be the epic Journey to the West or dense and complex fusion of systems and genres. Ingenuity is were some games overcome their limitations.

I'll be honest: I can't wait for this game. This is one of the few games across all platforms that I'm genuinely like: "I will make time for this, somehow some way."

Took me a bit to even realise that was a Primarina. (~_~)

(sees number of photos left in the roll)



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