Calico updated to Version 1.03

Calico has been updated to Version 1.03. Check out the full patch notes for this update below.

Feature Updates

⦁ Added player direction indicator to map, and made it easier to see where the player is
⦁ Added cafe notifications that shows when food is purchased and the NPC that bought it
⦁ Added support for navigating menus with the D-Pad

Bug Fixes

⦁ Fixed player entering mount animation with no mount and getting stuck
⦁ Fixed another cause of NPCs getting stuck at the cafe gate, there were a lot of different causes of this one bug
⦁ Fixed NPCs getting stuck in animations while traveling between locations
⦁ Fixed Golden Grove getting re-locked after reloading game in some circumstances
⦁ Fixed setting colors on face bandage accessories
⦁ Fixed glitches caused by putting small animals on big animals and then removing them while unmounted
⦁ Fixed animals trying to run around while playing with the string toys
⦁ Fixed sleeping not advancing quests if you go to sleep after midnight
⦁ Added double check to all quests achievement in case it didn’t fire the first time
⦁ Fixed crash happening on some AMD processors
⦁ Fixed bug with saving while the cat potion is active
⦁ Fixed talk prompt getting stuck on screen or being activated from a distance


⦁ Fixed NPCs being able to go upstairs in the cafe
⦁ Made it easier to get out of bed
⦁ Made player look at animal they are petting
⦁ Improved dog petting hand position
⦁ Added more controls hints to furniture mode
⦁ Added more information about journal, map, and how food is sold to tutorial
⦁ Adjusted size of furniture mover to be able to reach all wall decorations

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