Sam & Max Save the World Remastered updated to Version 1.0.3

To the max!

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered has been updated to Version 1.0.3. Check out the patch notes for this update below.


Updated subtitle colors to be more readable, and added option to draw a background behind subtitles (in Gameplay Settings)
Added option to disable v-sync (in Graphics Settings)
Replaced repeated Max voice lines in episodes 2-6 with William Kasten instead of Andrew Chaikin, and updated lip sync animations
Fixed points where scene music was not resuming after cutscenes
Fixed mouseover pop-up text splitting in the middle of a word
Fixed a small seam in Max’s belly visible on 4K monitors
Fixed a foreground car clipping through the camera when looking at the One Way sign on the street in episodes 2 and 3
Fixed inconsistencies with lettering on the awning outside Sybil’s
Fixed missing license plate textures on background vehicles (“DRG DLR” rejoins “RMS DLR” and “CON MAN”) and updated the license plates to match style of the DeSoto’s license plate
Fixed Czech translation of “Presents”

Episode 1:

Fixed Jimmy Two-Teeth interrogation music sometimes failing to play when switching between Sam and Max
Fixed the theater interior background being misaligned when watching Brady Culture on TV
Fixed cheese floating next to table at Bosco’s
Fixed Czech translation of “separate your bliss”
Fixed Sam appearing inside the DeSoto hood when arriving at the asylum without Max
Fixed blown out lampshade during Soda Poppers TV scenes
Replaced a few Bosco lines with new reads and updated animation and lip sync to match

Episode 2:

Fixed instance where Sybil’s tattoo chair could be selected even when it’s off camera
Fixed Sam sliding and clipping through door when entering Sybil’s
Fixed Hypnobear’s head turn animation when hypnotizing Myra
Fixed Who’s Never Going to be a Millionaire music loop
Fixed Russian translation of “Situation: Comedy”

Episode 3:

Fixed Casino music not playing when visiting the casino for the first time
Fixed instances of Sam and Max calling Bosco by the wrong name
Fixed missing ketchup texture on Sybil and intercom

Episode 4:

Fixed instance where the timing of some camera cuts slipped from original in the War Song
Fixed War Room console texture animations
Fixed Sybil’s storefront graffiti and increased graffiti texture resolution
Fixed Chuckles briefly popping back in after he drags Whizzer out of the Oval Office
Disabled dialog skipping during War Song

Episode 5:

Fixed Sybil’s pencil being visible while she’s wearing the VR goggles
Fixed Italian translation of “Uncook” button
Trimmed Russian text that was too long in text adventure dialog choices

Episode 6:

Fixed retreat music still playing during laser room cutscene
Fixed Sam standing up during finale when examining an inventory item
Fixed street not scrolling during end credits
Fixed Max teleporting after using gastrokinesis on Leonard
Fixed Director’s gun missing in closing credits
Fixed Sam picking up an invisible Deed
Fixed the Lunar Lander leg turning invisible at an inopportune moment
Disabled skipping dialog during the closing credits
Re-added some of the conversation with Bosco talking about his “mom” disguise (since this is a change to game logic, the new line won’t show up in a save game where you’ve already asked Bosco about his mother; in that case you’ll need to start the episode over)

Menu Text:

Fixed Russian translations of “Soda Poppers,” “Myra Stump,” and “Ted E. Bear”
Fixed Czech translation of “Resume”

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I wish they would re-add the non english voiceovers.

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