UK software sales for the week ending Jan. 23rd, 2021

Animal Crossing hanging tight

How are things going for retail gaming over in the UK? We have the weekly software sales, complete with a detailed breakdown of the numbers. Check out the stats for the week ending Jan. 23rd, 2021 below.

- Hitman 3 was #1, with launch sales up 17% over its predecessor
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops to No.2, but only 800 units separates the two
- Ring Fit Adventure jumps to No.7 with a 47% sales rise

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Only 800 copies? Wowz... It's starting to look like AC:NH is the new GTA5 in the UK.

On thats without digital sales. Likely Animal Crossing would be #1 with those included.

Yeah I'm sure there were more than 800 downloads of the game. What a beast it became. And on just one platform. Nintendo must be having a party.

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