Speed Limit dev on the difference between retro and vintage

Old school cool

Speed Limit is an upcoming Switch title that definitely takes an old-school approach to video games, but with some modern sensibilities. While retro-looking games might have a nostalgic appeal, they offer brand-new experiences. They also often push games far beyond what was possible on the NES.

In a new feature, dev Igor Kolar talked about how Speed Limit embraces the retro style over the vintage approach. Check out his comments below.

I try to make the distinction between vintage and retro. Vintage is something genuinely old, for example, the games we’ve been inspired by are vintage, while Speed Limit a retro game, because it should remind you of those old games. Would that alone make it an homage though? It does in our press releases because it’s what people recognize and if it comes down to one word, that’s the best way to describe it.

Read the full feature here

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