GoNintendo Video Review - Cyber Shadow

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Cyber Shadow certainly looks like an NES game, but does it manage to be something more than a nostalgia-fueled experience? Watch our review to find out!

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Games: Cyber Shadow


Mon Jan 25 21 09:14pm
Rating: 2

How does this compare to The Messenger?

Cyber Shadow is much more straightforward, but I don't mean that in a bad way. The Messenger really surprised me with its genre twist halfway through, which is definitely one of the high points for me. Cyber Shadow is a much tighter gameplay experience and I'd say it has better level design. I love the soundtrack in The Messenger as well, but I think Cyber Shadow beats it hands down. Finally, the story in Cyber Shadow really impressed me.

Both great games, but if I had to pick just one, I'd go with Cyber Shadow.

You mean the OST is better than this?


Impossible o_O

Seriously though, thanks for your review. I wasn't sure about Cyber Shadow precisely because I loved The Messenger so much and I thought it couldn't possibly top it, but I see now they are two very different games. You basically just sold me on this.

I played this so far, it's tough but not insanely tough. It's so far solid. Though the lack of tutorial might be a concern for those who haven't played these games.


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