The Girl from Arkanya devs share a progress update

Co-op, visuals, and more

The dev team behind The Girl from Arkanya is still hard at work on the game, and it seems there's still a considerable amount of work to do. That said, things are moving along, and a progress update was shared via Kickstarter. Check out part of that update below.

So we started working on implementing co-op and... oh boy. Don't worry, co-op is still coming and we're not too far from being able to share some co-op gameplay with you all! But when we started working on it, we unsettled a lot of ugly code that hadn't been an issue before, so January has largely been about cleaning up old messes I forgot I made.

The first dungeon has also gotten a fresh coat of paint in anticipation of our upcoming limited backer test, including improved visuals, more intuitive puzzles, and a brand new boss fight!

We've also finalized the game's lighting system/visuals, and uh... we actually kind of looped back around to our original lighting visuals. However, it's a lot more performant under the hood now, because we want this game to run flawlessly on the Nintendo Switch! (And also it just needed some cleaning up, badly)

Full Kickstarter update here

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