Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch and Switch Pro Controller announced for Japan

Please release outside of Japan...

I think we all suspected something like this was going to see release in Japan, but it's still nice to have confirmation. As you can see above, Capcom and Nintendo have teamed up for a special edition Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch in Japan.

Along with that, a special Monster Hunter Rise-themed Pro Controller will see release as well.

In a welcome change, the Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch does include a copy of Monster Hunter Rise alongside the special hardware. This package is priced at 38,400 yen, while the Switch Pro Controller costs 7,480 yen. Both are set to launch on March 26th, 2021. You can see a gallery of all these items below.


Tue Jan 26 21 09:22pm
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Gotta admit, that Switch PRO controller thing threw me off for a moment there...

Very good. If you wanna enjoy Monster Hunter properly on the Switch, you need the Pro Controller. It's not going to be the horrific Joy-Cons. They could have made a bigger effort on the bundle though, they did for the Wii U port/Bowser's Fury. And Rise, has massive potential.

Launch week will be another round of Switch 100k+ vs PS5 <10k
Nintendo is gonna clean house in Japan this year

Why now?! I could barely afford the game now they launch this. Hope the pro controller is still available whenever my wallet decides to increase its size. Looks **** as ****.

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