Official Rabbids Twitter account changes their handle from 'RabbidsOfficial' to 'MarioRabbids', fueling speculation that a Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sequel could be in the works

A small glimmer of hope!

Reddit user ThemeParkFan2020 discovered an unusual and possibly suspicious change to Ubisoft's official Rabbids Twitter account handle, leading some to speculate that an announcement for a possible sequel to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle may be imminent. Previously @RabbidsOfficial, the username has been updated as @MarioRabbids. This change is particularly interesting considering it happening so suddenly, almost 4 years after the release of the original crossover. Due to the success of the original, it doesn't seem too unlikely that a successor could be in development. We'll just have to wait and see!


A sequel to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle would make so much sense. It was an excellent game and it sold well. Plus, they've a lot of the groundwork laid for a new game.

God I hope we get a sequel it would be a day one purchase from me.

Wed Jan 27 21 10:14am
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Good news. Though my favorite game in the Rabbids franchise is Rabbids Go Home for the Wii.

I love the original! So a sequel is more than welcome Smile

It could be with Mario characters again, or Zelda characters, or a Nintendo mix. I don't care. Just gimme more of the good stuff

I also believe the original game would have sold better had it had a demo

They don't necessarily have to do a Kingdom Battle sequel. They could just as easily do other Mario+Rabbids games, like mini-game compilations, platformers, a racing game... anything is possible.


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