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The Elder Scrolls: Blades updated to Version 1.11

Sharpening the sword
by rawmeatcowboy
30 January 2021
GN Version 5.0

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been updated to Version 1.11. Check out the patch notes below.


A new year begins, the snow is gone, and the Heart’s Day game icon is back.
Enjoy a new special Event quest filled with passion and adventure: “Fire and Ice”.
Celebrate the season of love with Heart’s Day decorations, back in Store for a limited time.


Watch for Sigil Store updates over the next month for powerful new items to purchase.


Arena: Shield no longer appears invisible when blocking late with a low block.
General: fixed the pivots settings for Divine Stalhrim Weapons, Purifier’s Coccoon.
General: various small fixes and visual improvements.
Menus: entering In-App store from insufficient gem prompt no longer leads to locked controls.
Quests: placing the Varla Stones in Founder’s Statue before starting “The Founder’s Statue” quest will no longer cause the game to crash nor block progression.
Quests: balancing of Ogres and Golden Saints to make them less difficult.
Quests: potions button now appears during combat, ineffective poisons no longer recommended in “Servants of the Blue God” Event quest.
Quests: fixed wrong recommendation icon for “The Thunder and the Fury” Event quest.
Quests: fixed situation where dialogue of NPCs didn’t change after completing objectives for “Pool of Despair”, “A Treacherous Quarry” quests.
Town: Town is now back to regular (non-snowy) appearance.
Town: fixed crash when repairing equipment at the bottom of the equipment list, error when using the “Repair All” button.