Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury framerate and resolution detailed

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is less than a month away, giving Nintendo fans a new way to play the Wii U adventure, and everyone some new content in Bowser's Fury. Wondering what the resolution and framerate is like for those adventures? Check out the breakdown below.

Super Mario 3D World

- 1080p, 60fps docked
- 720p, 60fps handheld

Bowser's Fury

- 720p (may be higher), 60fps docked
- 720p, 30fps handheld

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Sun Jan 31 21 12:17am
Rating: 6

I'm pretty sure that about 99% of folks would not care about this and just get the game.

720p, 30fps handheld

ExFUCKINGsuse me? A first party game isn’t even bothering to hit 60FPS on all fronts? Jesus... We need a switch pro more than ever, dont we. Thank christ the normal game is consistent in both modes but with odyssey running at a locked 60 BF being 30 in handheld is inexcusable

Definitely don't buy a PS4

Sat Jan 30 21 08:07pm
(Updated 2 times)

I have one, and definitely enjoy it a ton. 30FPS itself isn't bad at all, mainly if the game is made with that in mind and it's the only option available, but if it's like this game, where 60FPS was clearly the intent... go big or go home. Would gladly take a resolution dip for the intended frames on any device.

Uh..the Switch handheld always runs at 720p so its not really a dip. The added contend running at lower frames doesn't mean that the Switch is weak. It could be because the game engine cannot be optimised for it to support more frames that has nothing to do with how powerful the Switch is.

The resolution isn't really the problem, it's fine and ofc it makes sense since 720 is the switch screen: it's the framerate that's the laughable part

Sat Jan 30 21 11:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

Plenty of Switch games that could be optimized at 60fps are at 30fps and are still fine in the eyes. In this case, as I said, the game engine can't possibly handle the new content so it runs at lower frames.

That still doesn't mean that the Switch is not powerful enough since it performs well enough for the game to just operate in handheld mode.

So it's okay when they completely lack capability, but not okay when only one gameplay mode of plenty lacks it. Got it!

Happy gaming Smile

BF does look to be pushing a bit more than 3D world visually. Is there multiplayer in BF as well? I haven’t seen any of it yet.

bowser jr is a co op buddy, so he's the multiplayer aspect. Seems more interesting than prior 3D partners

Sat Jan 30 21 08:46pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 2 times)

30fps is fine, and frame rate doesn't exist in a vacuum. We've been playing games at 30fps for decades without issue, and while some may argue that an enhanced frame rate is crucial for precise gameplay, Bowser's Fury doesn't strike me as a game that requires such precision.

I have to chalk this up to effective marketing because for decades no one ever complained about 30fps not being enough. Now everyone fusses over it because graphics card and console manufacturers have [t/s]old you the idea that you need it. If games that boast only the latest and greatest visual feats for the sake of it are the only ones worth playing, why play on a Switch? I thought the general consensus was that Nintendo/Switch's strong gameplay trumped beefy specs and flashy graphics.

It's not really like that though? Like, the main reason 30FPS was fine back then (and still now, in some cases), is because a lot of those games were made with 30FPS in mind. Hell, if a new game is made with 30FPS in mind, then it's still fine IMO, with 60FPS upgrades being a bonus rather than a necessity.

Like, OOT on N64 doesn't even hit 20 frames most of the time, and modders found that overclocking that game to run at 30 destroys the physics, so the 3D remake was pretty much a big major upgrade for that alone, since it did a 30fps boost properly. I know some who can never ever go back to N64 OOT after playing 3D, while some like me can appreciate both versions for what they are. Likewise, Kingdom Hearts I/II were made with 30FPS in mind, so playing those in 30 is perfectly OK, even though modern versions have 60FPS as the norm and they do feel so much better in that form.

The problem with switch ports and really most bad ports in general, is that they take games meant for 60FPS in mind, and just cut the frames in half for the heck of it. Yeah it works, and sometimes they're optimized super duper well, but othertimes it makes no sense or is done so poorly that it's just unviable to play if you have access to literally any other version. Like, docking this game makes the game mostly 60FPS, so once you play in that way it's pretty hard to play in any other sense. (Though, RIP Switch Lite users in this case) I found the same feeling with FE Warriors and Hyrule Warriors DE (though I was able to adjust to HW in handheld since I feel that was optimized a lot better: probably due to HW running pretty good on New 3DS, though the OG performance was inexcusable there too)

I definitely do focus on gameplay and fun factor most though: for example, Balan Wonderworld on Switch may be a compromised 30FPS port that I'd hate for similar reasons... But having played it in 60FPS on Series X, it didn't change the fact that the core game itself was unfun one bit, so it's not like a switch boost for that game would have made a difference. Or how Tales of Vesperia cuts the framerate in scenarios where you don't really need precise inputs, while keeping 60fps in the instances you do, so it's not like all framerate cuts are bad. They just have to be optimized and not interact with the game's fun factor.

If a new game is made with 30FPS in mind, then it's still fine IMO, with 60FPS upgrades being a bonus rather than a necessity.

How do you know that's not the case with Bowser's Fury?

Because pray tell, why would a game like this, made by a team who made many other 60FPS mario games, be deliberately scaled down to 30FPS only to be upped to 60FPS? The fact it runs normally in docked is a big indicator as-is. Yeah, they no doubt made it *work* in 30FPS to the point it's playable and such, but it's definitely a major drawback and an unfun downgrade over playing it as intended. It's the same reason why people dislike Kirby Star Allies running in 30FPS despite the whole game technically *working* in that framerate and clearly being made for it: because the engine that SA runs on is the same one that had 60FPS 3DS games that played way smoother.

Sat Jan 30 21 11:05pm
Rating: 2

Maybe this game is more technically demanding than the games that came before it, as is often the case? Maybe 30fps was a deemed a worthy sacrifice for whatever else they were trying to accomplish? It appears that this game, which is not a port, was designed with the Switch hardware and 30fps in mind, so by your logic this should be alright. But I'd hold off on "unfun" judgments until people get to actually play it,rather than jump to conclusions.

Higher framerates will make you better at games, this has been proven. Going from 60 to 120 is a big improvement in player reaction times, 120 to 240 is a lesser improvement, and 240 to 360 is barely noticeable.
Watch this video for more info.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX31kZbAXsA

Sat Jan 30 21 11:08pm
Rating: 2

Thanks to Nvidia for sponsoring this video!

They'd have a vested interest in proving this, wouldn't they? Regardless, something tells me you won't need frame-specific timing to boop Bowser's snoot three times.

Just because it’s sponsored by Nivida doesn’t mean the testing is invalid, since it’s being run by a 3rd party.
But to be clear I wasn’t saying Bowser’s is going to be shit because the frame rate is 30. I was just pointing out that FPS does matter to a degree and it’s not just visual eye candy, like 4K or ray tracing.

The problem here is the consistency. If one of our 30fps games were suddenly 15fps you would surely notice and the result would be horrible. When we play a game in 30fps from beginning to end, hell even when we play a game at 20 FPs or less like Wave Race or Stay Fox SNES, as long as it is consistent even if it has dips and slowdown occasionally there is little problem, because your eyes and senses get habituated to the overall speed and performance of the game.

But when you cut the frame rate in half, that is when you really notice the change, if someone plays Bowser Fury docked and then takes the Switch to go, the visual clash in performance will be brutal.

We get it, when the Switch is docked it is able to overclock and reach better performance, but there is a reason why almost no other game takes this route so far (they use the extra juice available docked to increase resolution, improve post-effects, etc) because changing the frame rate so drastically right on the fly is a no-no. I totally expect Nintendo to patch the game after release either, probably reducing resolution (say, 540p portable) in order to maintain a consistent frame rate at all times.

Sun Jan 31 21 12:17am
Rating: 6

I'm pretty sure that about 99% of folks would not care about this and just get the game.

Every part of 3D World is such a prime example of pure, unadulterated fun-centric design, you probably won't care what the resolution or frame rate is while you're actually playing it.

Bad frame rate or resolution can detract from an experience but I had zero problems with 3D World on Wii U and I doubt I’ll have a problem with this either.

Oh no it’s literally unplayable /s

I know, right?! XD
How dare Nintendo release a game with stable 30fps oO

As if the visuals of Bowser's Fury didn't show how limited the engine was, the framerate getting cut in half on handheld further proves it.


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