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Nintendo FY3/2021 Q3 Results (Switch hits 79.87 million units sold)

The Switch is an absolute MONSTER
by rawmeatcowboy
01 February 2021
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Nintendo's financial results for FY3/2021 Q3 have been released, and as you might expect, there are some big numbers to look over. You can see the straight text results below, and then the infographics a bit further down. There's sales data, release calendars, and much more!

Nintendo Net Sales/Operating Income/Net Profit

3rd Quarter

- ¥634,939M/¥229,684M/¥163,542M

FY3/21 Cumulative

- ¥1,404,463M /¥521,108M/¥376,665M

FY3/21 Forecast

- ¥1,600,000M/¥560,000M/¥400,000M

Switch units sold/Switch Lite units sold/Hardware total

3rd Quarter

- 16.77M/7.33M/24.1M


- 66.34M/13.52M/79.87M

FY3/21 Hardware Forecast

- 26.5M

Switch software Q3/Life-to-Date

- 176.1M/532.34M

FY3/21 Software Forecast

- 205.0M

Smart devices, IP related income, etc

3rd Quarter

- ¥15,284M

FY3/21 Cumulative

- ¥42,011M

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