RUMOR - The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild listed to be released "2nd quarter of 2021" according to Austrian retailer

An Austrian retailer by the name of Gameware states that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be released in the second quarter of 2021. The retailer has been given credit for correctly predicting the release date for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory in the past, but it is currently unknown if this release window is an accidental but accurate date or just a mere speculated one. Nintendo did have a habit of dropping game trailers and releasing major first-party games just a few months afterward back in 2020, so it is possible that Nintendo may perform something similar again this year.


I believe it. Question is... Will it be accompanied by a Switch Pro?

Awesome if true! I've been preparing myself to wait until holidays for BOTW2, so this would just be great news.

I was so happy we didn't have this in January. But now there'll a slew of rumors surrounding the game until Nintendo announces something officially, which could take months.

Obviously fake.
The game will not be called Breath of the Wild 2 and that artwork is from effin pinterest.

Placeholder names and boxart, if this is fake these are not the reasons for it.

Who in their right mind uses fanarts as placeholders?

The same company who uses fanart in official works ;)

I mean when you got nothing else...
I've seen that numerous times I'm surprised you haven't.

I'm surprised something that makes sense to one person doesn't make sense to someone else...

I'm surprised that you're surprised I'm surprised.

BIG grain of salt on that one, I have no reason to believe that release window is true simply because we haven't had any info about BoTW 2 since the initial reveal trailer of June 2019.

Plus for a game of this stature one would believe this would be a holiday release which seems far more realistic to me.

Q2 fiscal i.e. Q3 calendar is believable since that includes September. Q2 calendar?? Not gonna happen.

I don’t care when BOTW2 comes out, I’d just like enough notice to go back and replay BOTW on Master Mode.

I sincerely doubt any retailer is privvy to when Breath of the Wild 2 is releasing yet. I don’t think it'll come out this year, but you never know.

I’m going to be a weirdo and say I hope this isn’t true and I would prefer to wait longer for it. I am not joking. I am not a fan of how Nintendo revealed Origami King and Age of Calamity such a short time before they released. I know BotW2 was revealed a year and a half ago, but that was just a teaser. I would like to get a new trailer that shows off more of the game, then be able to have a good couple of months of hype and stuff. I like prolonged hype cycles. I’m weird though.

I think 6 months of hype would be a nice balance.

Why not? We all know they are usng the same engine and plent of assets from BOTW. Tey also had may, many ideas that never got into the first game. They have big enough team and resources. If it could be out by September it would be a very smart step from Ninty.

Don’t forgot, being a Zelda game, it needs to go through at least 1 release date delay ;)

I wonder if any story aspects from Age of Calamity are brought into BOTW2


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Then they should have release date for June and delay it to X-mas. Perfect!

The person tweeting asking if its fiscal or calendar year is such a bizarre thing to ask. When has a retail site ever listed fiscal year for a release date, especially when fiscal years aren't the same globally for every company?

Either way, I expect it this year, but don't have any expectations as to when yet. Q4 always makes sense for a big release, but the franchise has never had a consistent release month.

Depends how they are getting their information. Just as a real world example, my company’s FY is Feb-Jan and will often have informal talks with external customers or vendors with FY date estimates because at those stages the release of something is usually planned within fiscal quarters and I’m sure it’s the same for Nintendo. So it’s certainly wouldn’t bizarre to have that question around FY or CY.

That said, I doubt this retailer has any concrete info and is just guesstimating and is defaulting to CY so the tweeter is asking a needless question. Just explaining that confusion over CY and FY is unfortunately pretty common.

Would honestly be surprised if it doesn’t release this year. If we assume they started production on BotW fully after Skyward Sword released that’s around 5 years to release, and that’s with building the whole physics engine, making the map, assets etc. whilst also contending with getting to grips with HD capable hardware. Assuming they started work on this right after BotW wrapped that’d mean we’ll be at 4 years since that release by the middle of this year. I’d say it’s fair to assume they’re using the same engine, will likely be reusing many assets and judging from Aonuma’s comments in the Age of Calamity reveal trailer; we’re possibly going to see the same base map again too. Even if the game is an entirely new world (which is what I’m hoping is the case) 4 years is still a long development cycle considering a lot of the legwork that took BotW so long had already been done.

Guess it depends on just what their plan is with this game and how ambitious they’re getting with it. I’m sure after the reception of BotW both critically and commercially they’ll be trying to make sure this lives up to that game so they may be taking their time to ensure that but I feel confident that this is the year. Would expect it to be their big holiday game though, not sure it’ll be any earlier than November unless there really is a Switch Pro to launch alongside.

Wouldn't we have had news of casting calls for the voice actors for localization and had news of the musical score being recorded if this release date is true? Those are the usual indicators with games like this approaching completion, right?


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