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TV personality Adam Conover says Netflix's live-action Legend of Zelda project was real, but was cancelled due to leaks

It was real all along...
by rawmeatcowboy
02 February 2021
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Well here's an absolutely major story that broke seemingly out of nowhere, and it comes from a source that's equally as random.

Comedian/TV host Adam Conover was recently on The Serf Times podcast to talk about a Netflix feature he has coming up. That turned into a discussion of the rumored Legend of Zelda live-action adaptation that Nintendo and Netflix were supposedly working on years ago.

In the discussion, Conover reveals that the project was indeed real, as he had ties to another project with Nintendo at the time. That project ended up getting cancelled, as did the Legend of Zelda Netflix deal. Why was everything called off? Nintendo was upset with the leaks about the Netflix deal, which were supposedly leaked from someone inside Netflix themselves. When the leak got out there, Nintendo decided to squash a bunch of projects at the time, including the Legend of Zelda adaptation.

You can hear the whole discussion about the project in the video above. Fast-forward to the 39:47 mark to hear.