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Kingdom Gun Kickstarter hits funding goal, officially coming to Switch

We've got another Kickstarter hit!
by rawmeatcowboy
02 February 2021
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Kingdom Gun is a Roguelite Shooter with elements from RPGs and action platformers! You are sent by The Kingdom to explore and conquer a recently discovered continent. Your reason for exploring the continent depends on the character you choose! Loot, glory, conquest, vengeance, or just for fun! Every run is different! Permanent death and item randomization! Every run allows for endless progression. Play Online with friends or solo!

The team behind Kingdom Gun was looking for just $15,000 to fund their game, and they managed to pull that in no problem. Now the game is confirmed for release on Switch, but we don't know a release date yet. The team is aiming for October, but that's not a given.

There's still 26 days left on the Kickstarter, so plenty of time to get in on funding and help the game hit some stretch goals. You can check it out here.