Vigil: The Longest Night "Bounty of the Night" major free update coming soon to Switch

"Adds a trove of new content and improve almost every aspect of the game."

A new update for Vigil: The Longest Night dubbed "Bounty of the Night" is now available for PC, but is confirmed to be coming soon to Switch. Check out the full patch notes and announcement message from developer Glass Heart Games and publisher Another Indie below.

The Bounty of the Night updates add a trove of new content and improve almost every aspect of the game. We’ve been listening closely to feedback and working with the community on Steam, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter to improve the player experience of Vigil: The Longest Night.

You can see the full patch notes below but we’ve done a full overhaul of the game’s English localization, improved the map, and generally tweaked, improved, and polished every aspect of Vigil: The Longest Night.

We’ve also added 40+ weapons and armor and some new quest rewards too!

We want to thank EVERYONE who left a review (positive or negative!) and everyone who reached out to us with kind words, feedback, or open criticism. This is Glass Heart’s first game and we are genuinely overjoyed by the outpouring of support from fans around the world.
Before we enter the holiday season, we wanted to get this update out to you and make your holidays a little happier!

- Added: A Large Number of New items and Equipment
- Improved: Overhaul of English Language Localization
- Added: New weapon actions
- Improved: monster drop rate mechanics
- Map update: Fixed icon errors and issues with maps not revealing hidden areas once found
- Added a number before every portal's name

- Modification: Support added for third party controllers (None Xbox, PS, and Switch controllers)
- Update: NPC dialogues (mostly Nordell and some of the traders)
- Update: Added names to map( Added names on rooms in the Abandoned Town and the Flooded Area)
- Update: Tutorial for saving and teleporting are separated now
- Improvement: The Miner rescue quest will now remind players and show the miner's corpse when failed.
- Fixed: The enchantment special effects of fire and curse now work as intended.
- Improved all Leila's actions:
- Decreased the movement distance of a normal attack.
- Removed the slow effect when landed from jumping.
- Improved the third attack of dual weapon's air combo.
- The combo's triggering time has been changed to 0.25 sec on the keyboard and 0.45 sec on controllers.
- Fixed: Loading, squatting down, or entering another scene when using the bow and holding the other 3 weapons will cause immediate death.
- Fixed: Many fall through issues scatters around throughout the game
- Fixed: Autosave in the Owl Statue will cause some monsters to repeatedly play the death animation
- Fixed: Now the NPC Alice's name is all changed to Iris.
- Fixed: The Hand of Glory bug
- Fixed: Now Hilda won't disappear in the Mill after the apocalypse
- Fixed: Now the Lower Underground Hall's portal name displays correctly.
- Fixed: Percival's buff is now effective with all other enchantment effects.

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