Steamroll: Rustless Edition rolls to Switch on Feb. 12th, 2021

Steampunk Marble Madness

Are you a fan of Marble Madness, or perhaps Super Monkey Ball? Then you need to keep your eye on Steamroll: Rustless Edition. It's a game where you have to navigate a metal ball through tricky puzzles. It's coming to Switch on Feb. 12th, 2021, and you can read more about it below.

The Scarabeus is —almost— on fire! After a terrific debut on Steam and Xbox One in 2016, Steamroll: Rustless Edition arrives on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 12. The work of the Catalan studio Antico —creators of PUBG's character editor— offers a steampunk adventure full of challenging puzzles in the purest Marble Madness-style. At its premiere, Steamroll captivated critics and players, who highlighted its steampunk aesthetic, its tough challenges and the ingenuity of its puzzles. Now, thanks to the work of Catness Games porting the title, Steamroll: Rustless Edition comes to both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with several improvements to make the experience driving the Scarabeus even more rounded.

Steamroll has been improving itself for years. During its Early Access phase, Anticto's work used the feedback from the community to polish Steamroll to the maximum. That helped its developers to offer an awesome video game which was praised by press and players. Thus, this indie has very positive reviews on Steam, as well as excellent feedback from various specialized publications. Leading media such as MeriStation and KeenGamer defined it as a “brilliant”, “ingenious” game “with the potential to shine among the best titles of the puzzle genre”.

Now, the imminent debut on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with the port made by Catness Games promises to be the definitive, rustless experience aboard the Scarabeus. In that sense, Catness has implemented all kinds of improvements for the premiere on Sony and Nintendo consoles. That includes changes to lighting and post-processing effects, a completely revamped achievement system, optimized performance and better aiming system. In short, small tweaks that guarantee an outstanding experience on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from February 12.

About Steamroll: puzzles aboard the Scarabeus

All help is little to achieve that the protagonist, a young engineer, manages to escape from a mine that is about to collapse on his first day on the job. The situation is too tense to recommend that he unionizes, so alternatives will have to be sought. Luckily, this budding engineer has the Scarabeus, a steam-powered rolling vehicle that is loaded with qualities. And he will need them because just before starting his flight he realizes that there are more people trapped in that mining hell. There are no options left: the protagonist must use the Scarabeus to explore the environment and solve the puzzles that block his path.

The Scarabeus has a limited steam tank, so we will have to optimize our actions until we reach the next base and be able to refuel. As if it were mini-golf, that happens by pointing and measuring our trajectory with surgical precision. Not only that, but we will also have to use the different steam balls to solve the challenging puzzles that await us. These are balls we can use to cause explosions to destroy obstacles or create ramps and walls with which to facilitate our movements, among other possibilities. There is no doubt that the versatility of the Scarabeus will be a crucial ally in this adventure.


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