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Epic road adventure "Summer Catchers" comes to Switch on Feb. 11th, 2021, pre-loads now live, demo available

The road trip of a lifetime
by rawmeatcowboy
06 February 2021
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Summer Catchers is coming to Switch on Feb. 11th, 2021, and now's the perfect time to check it out. There's a free demo on the eShop right now, and pre-ordering the game will lock in a $6 price, where the normal price of $12 will go into effect after the game launches. You can read all about what the game has to offer below.

Embark on an epic road trip adventure of a lifetime in Summer Catchers. With your trusty wooden car you must travel to distant lands full of mystery, strange creatures and exciting races in your quest to finally experience summer.

However the journey won't be easy. Driving through shadowy forests, dark swamps, vast valleys and underground cities you will encounter obstacles and larger than life situations. With your trusty travel bag in hand, you can work your way through these uncharted lands and just like in real life, find a few friends and secrets along the way.

Key Features:

- A unique arcade game that mixes racing, story, rhythm and puzzle elements all into one
- Uncover all the mysteries and events of this beautiful pixel art world
- Discover unique abilities and upgrade your car to ride in style
- Replay the game to find all the hidden corners the fast traveler might have missed

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