Jackbox is looking into making their games easier to play remotely

Virtual fun for everyone

The Jackbox games have seen a huge uptick in usage during the pandemic, as many are turning to virtual gatherings to keep family and friends safe. Jackbox's titles are always great at facilitating fun, and something like that is not only welcome, but important during times like these.

While it's possible to stream the game through multiple video conferencing apps, it might not be the easiest thing for non-tech savvy people to do. In a VentureBeat interview with Jackbox Games CEO Mike Bilder, we learn that Jackbox is working on improving that in the future.

“Because we were so far along in the production cycle of Party Pack 7, we didn’t have the [cap]ability to add specific features to enhance gameplay over video conferencing. But it’s definitely something we’re looking at for the future, like what might we do to make things easier to get a game running through Zoom. It’s fairly straightforward and simple, but for people who aren’t experienced with our games or with deep knowledge of how to run video conferencing, there’s still a little bit of hand-holding that we have to do. Those things are front of mind right now as we start building new games for for the future.”

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