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Jamie Lee Curtis cast as Patricia Tannis in the Borderlands movie

One more for the star-studded cast
by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2021
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Another cast member from the upcoming Borderlands movie has been revealed. We now know that Jamie Lee Curtis will be taking on the role of Patricia Tannis, a character that appears in all three Borderlands games. You can read a quick blurb about Patricia Tannis below.

Patricia Tannis is a scientist and archaeologist who specializes in Eridian artifacts and technology. She was once employed by the Dahl corporation to unearth the hidden Vault on the planet of Pandora. During her stay on Pandora, she had several psychological breakdowns as a result of the harsh environment and the death of most of her colleagues. As a result of these breakdowns, Tannis started to reflect personalities outwards to immobile objects to cope with her loneliness. One such object was her ECHO Recorder.

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