New trademark spotted for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Many fans have been wondering if Nintendo is going to do some sort of special Legend of Zelda package for the franchise's 35th anniversary. A new trademark for a classic Zelda game might be pointing in that direction.

A new trademark for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has just popped up in Australia. The game originally released for the DS back in 2007, and then it later made its way to the Wii U Virtual Console. Could we be seeing it pop up yet again? This trademark listing could be for simple protection purposes, but it could also indicate a re-release of some form. We'll keep an eye out for more details.


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I still remember that puzzle where you had to close the DS to transfer the mirror image from the top to the bottom screen. So good.

I still remember that puzzle where you had to close the DS to transfer the mirror image from the top to the bottom screen. So good.

Nobody innovates like Nintendo. They actually innovate as opposed to what everyone else does, which is iterate with more powerful hardware.

I always liked those clever uses of the hardware. There’s a Pokemon, Inkay, that will only evolve if you level it up while the 3DS is upside down. Not sure if that’s still true with Pokemon on Switch.

Wed Feb 10 21 03:49am
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It‘s still true on Switch with Sword & Shield ;)

That one had me stumped for a solid 15 minutes back in the day. Then I finally gave up, closed it and went to eat something. I felt very dumb when I opened it again and it was solved.

Something similar happens in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 in two instances, the first is when you flip a puzzle you just solved to reveal a message for a girl from her mother; the second is near the end of the game, you have to close the DS to do mouth-to-mouth breathing to reanimate an unconscious girl, if you try anything else it won't work.

Of all real Zelda games, besides Zelda 2, the two DS games are my least favorite Sad
They were enjoyable the first time, but I don't feel the need to revisit them so soon.

I do wish Nintendo added GB and GBC games to NSO and that included Link's Awakening (both versions) and later the two Oracle games.

I dunno why, but I replay handheld Zelda’s the least. Apart from Links Awakening, I don’t think I’ve every replayed any of Zelda games that originated on handheld. To be honest, it’s been so long they’d feel like new games to me at this stage.

I kinda know what you mean, but to a lesser extent. I've replayed the Oracle games and Minish Cap a few times. Love them all. And once I finish Monster Hunter Stories I'll be replaying A Link Between Worlds for the first time since release.
But the DS games would mostly be brand new experiences again

I always plan to go on a complete Zelda binge but never get around to it. And each time I think about it there’s been at least another new entry in the series.

I don’t know if I should go chronologically through the time-line or in order of release.

A complete Zelda binge is a huge undertaking, which will greatly decrease your chances of success.
How about going by system? That's what I did. That way you don't have that many games to worry about at a time AND you won't get burned out.

It's fun to go through order of release (did that with Mario). You can see the evolution of the series. It's quite fun.

My Zelda plans for this year (now that I've 100%-ed Age of Calamity) is A link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword and maybe BotW 1 (if BotW2 doesn't come out this year).

Spirit Tracks is worse than Zelda 2.

Somebody had to speak truth.

Phantom Hourglass was quite good though. Still in the lower third of the Zelda pantheon, but it's notably better than Spirit Tracks and Zelda 2... Then again, I'm speaking from decade-old recollection.

Overall I agree, mainly because of the rail system which effectively removes most of the overworld.

That said, the dungeons in Spirit Tracks were quite good I remember.

That certainly is my biggest complaint (the locomotion). I remember being impressed by some of the bosses, but it's the only Zelda game I ever had to force my way through.... that and The Ancient Stone Tablets, but the latter isn't a "real" Zelda game.

I'd take Ages and Seasons over Spirit Tracks.

Couldn't be further from the truth. Spirit Tracks is better than Phantom Hourglass.

I agree with this. But I'd also strongly hesitate to call this truth because "thing is better than other thing" is not truth in any way shape or form. Personal opinions are not objective fact.

But yeah I do quite love Spirit Tracks.

Both at the time of release I could see it. But Zelda 2 is too obtuse for today's standards, sadly.

PH had a lot of repetition that was absent from Spirit Tracks. And that's why ST has a little bit of a lead in my head. But that's also decade long recollections of mine.

Tue Feb 09 21 09:20pm
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And thinking about my “least favorite Zelda games”, I must say it’s the Capcom parts. You can tell that an outside company was given a Zelda construction kit, basically. As a result their attempts do feel solid, but little more.

I actually quite enjoy those. But I know many people put them on the same level as you do. Of the 3 I must say Oracle of Season is the least fun (still pretty good). But I do love the other 2 much more, especially Ages


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