Fresh trademarks for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword spotted

What are you up to, Nintendo?

Earlier this week, a new trademark for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass surfaced. This led fans to wondering if Nintendo is putting together some sort of Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary collection of games. Today we get even more evidence of something like that.

One trademark update for a Zelda game is one thing, but a group of Zelda games getting trademark refreshes at the same time is awfully suspicious. Aussie trademarks for Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword have all been tracked down as well. With four Zelda games getting trademark activity all around the same time, it sure does seem like Nintendo has something up their sleeve.


I think Nintendo will put out a collection for Zelda's 35th anniversary, similar to Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Like that collection, I expect Nintendo to be equally as ungenerous and unambitious.

I also don't believe they'll give us the improved 3DS versions of OOT and Majora's Mask as part of any collection. Prove me wrong Nintendo.

Here’s the thing about that. The “improved” versions are ports which were offloaded to Grezzo. Not saying they’re bad, but they’re not the original Nintendo-coded classics. For a nostalgia collection such as this, I would prefer Nintendo use only the original games, perhaps up-rezzed like with Mario 3D All-Stars but basically preserving the original experience.

Updated ports on a new console with QOL enhancements are perfectly welcome when they happen, but I don’t think they’re the best choice for inclusion in a nostalgia collection like this is rumored to be.

Thu Feb 11 21 03:51pm
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Predicting a collection of OoT (N64 version), Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Could easily see them just emulating the GameCube versions of WW and TP though, and that would really truly suck. I think a bundle of the HD versions with OoT wouldn’t actually be too insulting to sell at full price like they did with 3D All Stars, but an HD version of OoT 3D would really make it worth it. That in late Spring/Summer, BotW 2 in November.

PH would be pretty much impossible on Switch without remaking it no?

I’m more curious about Skyward Sword in the mix. I’ve played that game recently and I’m not sure it would translate well to non Wii remote gameplay. Sure a single joycon could suffice, but what about Switch Lite owners? Out of luck?

Oh that’s a great point. Gyro on Joy Cons would be fine, IIRC the Wii version didn’t even use the sensor bar for the pointer- it was just used for re-centering the gyro but you could just press a button for that. Playing it on Switch Lite would be trickier and there’s no way Nintendo would tell Lite players to get some joy cons to play it.

People playing on Dolphin on PC have made it so you can use a traditional controller and have mapped the motion controls to the right analogue stick- that’s probably the only way of doing it. Not ideal but it’d work.

You can’t play Super Mario Party on a Switch Lite without using external joy-cons. So same would be the case for a Skyward Sword that used motion only. The install base of the Lite is pretty small compared to the base of the regular Switch.

Thu Feb 11 21 06:16pm
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Switch Lite wasn’t around when that came out though and wouldn’t launch until a year after that game released. I think if that game was being made when Switch Lite was a thing they wouldn’t have made it exclusively use joy cons. Then again, maybe they would given it’s a party game...who knows haha.

Lite is a small chunk of the total user base but 13.5 million is still a decent amount of players to exclude/make it difficult for them to play a game, especially a Zelda game. Again though, they could rework it to just use the right analogue stick, definitely not perfect but at least it would work.

Fair point. I still thought it was odd you couldn’t play Mario Party in hand held mode regardless. I could see a Skyward Sword port having motion and an option without to be honest.

One thing is certain. Some people will be disappointed.

Thu Feb 11 21 06:36pm
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Of course. CAn't win 'em all. Even if Nintendo remade all this games from scratch to the Switch some people would nag about it Smile Welcome to the internet Smile

I would really like a SS HD remake/remaster/upgrade for the Switch. It could do good use of the better gyro controls than the Wii had (even with WM+ from what I hear).

We'll just have to play another waiting game...again.

I just realised something. When movies get remade people cry about “their childhood being ruined” or some BS. When older movies get re-released on Blu-Ray or 4K people generally welcome that.
But when games get re-released (not remade) people moan they want a greater effort remake.
There is no winning.

Nintendo could release OoT remade, with beautiful new visuals, 1080p, 60fps and there’d be people complaining it’s not 4K, and at the same time people saying the original is better. And sometimes, the same person is complaining all sides.

Thu Feb 11 21 08:53pm
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You are getting the gist of it, Pandalorian ;) Oh and then we have those kinds of reimagining ones. FF7R is more a reimagining than a remake to me. Unsure how much I like it compared to the original, but, so far, I like it for what it is... What about the movie "The Fly" from the 80's? I loove that movie, but it's a remake reimagining from an older one with Vincent Price. I love both, but they are so different...

Anyway, yeah, you got the point and another big welcome to the internet =D

So true!!!

And, to be honest, Nintendo could announce that EVERY SINGLE ZELDA IS HERE (minus the Switch ones) in full HD, 1080p, $60, and people would still complain about it.

The only thing I hope for is that we don't get Skyward Sword HD as a standalone $60. Any kind of Collection they make, I'm interested.

Calling it now, a compilation of OOT, TWW and SS, one for each generation like the 3D Mario collection.

And I expect it to be just as lazy.


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