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Charles Martinet may not have been asked to voice Mario in the upcoming movie

Game over?
by rawmeatcowboy
13 February 2021
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There's a lot of questions about the upcoming Super Mario movie from Nintendo and Illumination, but one of the biggest concerns who'll be voicing Mario. Truth be told, we don't even know if Mario will be voiced or not! You'd imagine that Mario will have some kind of lines in the film, as he does interject from time to time in the games.

While we wait to find out more about the voice cast for the film, it seems that the voice of Mario we all know and love may not be involved with the project. In a GalaxyCon Live interview with none other than Charles Martinet, he's asked about his thoughts on the upcoming movie. A portion of Charles' response is as follows.

"...if they invite me to play, I'll go in and play with great joy and happiness."

Now that could be taken in two different ways. The most obvious way is that Mr. Martinet simply hasn't been asked to voice the role. The second way of looking at it has us taking Charles' comments as playing coy. It's likely Charles wouldn't be able to confirm/deny his work on the film, so the careful wording of the statement above could skirt around the question.

There's no doubt fans will be upset if Mr. Martinet isn't voicing Mario in the film, but big-name movies tend to go with Hollywood star power to push their projects. We'll just have to hang tight and see what direction Nintendo and Illumination are going in.