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Taito ponders bringing over Space Invaders Get Even from WiiWare to Switch

Make some space on Switch!
by rawmeatcowboy
14 February 2021
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Taito has brought some Space Invaders action to Switch with Space Invaders Forever, which is just the latest entry in a very long-running franchise. Fans have their favorite installments in the series, some of which have been trapped on older systems. That includes Space Invaders Get Even, which hit WiiWare back in 2008.

Could we ever see Space Invaders Get Even release outside of WiiWare? Wccftech talked to Taito director Yuichi Toyama about the chances of that game getting another release, and it seems there could be hope for a Switch version.

This is another game we've considered and if we see enough demand, we'd love to be able to release it. The biggest issue with Get Even is the control method: the game was designed to be played on the Wii Remote, so we need to work out a solution to deliver an enjoyable play experience. What do you think is the best way to go about this? We may be able to replicate the controls by making good use of the Nintendo Switch's touch screen functionality.

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