The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD comes to Switch on July 16th, 2021

THe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has been announced for Switch. Will allow for motion controls or button controls. Zelda: Skyward Sword HD comes to Switch on July 16th. Will allow for motion controls or button controls. Special Joy-Con launch on the same day.

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Wed Feb 17 21 06:10pm
Rating: 7

Imagine being so consumed by negativity that not only does one presume people will be disappointed by a game because (surprise, surprise) oneself didn't like it, but is also glad that they'll be disappointed.

I sense that you're the "any form of attention is good attention" sort. Oh! Look! A "Block User" button.

This is the one Zelda game I don’t like, and isn’t worth HD'ifying in my opinion. But in a way I'm glad other people will get to experience how disappointing it is.

Wed Feb 17 21 06:10pm
Rating: 7

Imagine being so consumed by negativity that not only does one presume people will be disappointed by a game because (surprise, surprise) oneself didn't like it, but is also glad that they'll be disappointed.

I sense that you're the "any form of attention is good attention" sort. Oh! Look! A "Block User" button.

Wed Feb 17 21 07:11pm
Rating: 1

It's probably my most disappointing Zelda, and not because of the motions controls.... it's because of all the padding. It's the first time I felt like a Zelda game was trying to waste my time. There's also the sloppy art direction and enemy design.

But I still technically enjoyed it. It had a lot going for it if you ignore those problems. And hey, maybe this re-release will make it so the game doesn't formally announce every new item you pick up in that particular play session, including every denomination of rupee.

Thu Feb 18 21 02:25am
(Updated 1 time)

I detested that, oh look you picked up a piece of tumbleweed for the billionth time, we'll tell you all about it...again. Or Fi, she is the most annoying sidekick. Or how you couldn't back out of dialogue that you'd had umpteen times before. Or how many of the bosses were recycled(The Imprisoned... just ugh). Or how the sky was empty, very little to do, or the mini-games were few and lame. Or how your reward for all the help you gave the guy in Skyloft was garbage. How dowsing was terrible. How you couldn't fly at night. How the map was disjointed into 3 main areas that you had to drop in from the sky, you couldn't walk there. How playing the harp was pure waggle. How areas were constantly reused for the likes of collecting musical notes or the silent realm tears. The collectibles were few and the upgrading system was so basic. Only a few dungeons.

There's so much wrong with this game. I bought the Collector's Edition at launch with the gold Wii remote and soundtrack, I was really looking forward to it, by the end I was disappointed and glad it was over. They can fix some QOL aspects but you can't fix something so fundamentally flawed.

After all that negativity, I will say I liked the controls, though hated the constant recalibration, a few of the bosses were good and a few of the items are unique and fun. Anyone who hasn't played this before and has played BOTW, are going to find it a massive regression in my opinion.

Don't want to be harsh on you. But I suggest you may want to quit playing games for a little while to calm down a little, It doesn't sound healthy. You are a poisoning poster, IMO

That’s not a nice thing to say, see you've made it personal by calling me names. There's a few on them on this site, I ignore them but they carry on regardless, they're not hard to spot. Like your comment, they insult and don't make a point about the story in hand.

I didn't just call Skyward Sword a POS, or give no reasons. I've given some reasons, a lot but not all. I also take issue with other aspects like it's £50 price that for what looks like a lazy, emulated 10 year old port of a Wii game. I don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t like a game I like, I don’t make personal insults. If I had said I loved Skyward Sword, we wouldn't be having this discussion. You can't take it that it's negative.

I love all the other 3D Zelda games, OOT, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess Princess are all terrific games. BOTW is probably my favourite game of all time, surpassing Super Metroid as the previous number 1. I've praised that game over and over. I never hear anyone question that or asking me to keep my opinion to myself. If you don’t like my opinion, so what, it's just one person's opinion, who cares? You can always block me if you don’t like what I write. That’s what I've done with a few people who give me hassle. It hasn't deterred them though.

Oh you're right, I can block you, and I will. First time since 2005, FYI.
I will say one last thing to you: You really should overthink what you are doing here, man.

Thu Feb 18 21 05:47am
Rating: 1 (Updated 3 times)

Cries about “personal attacks” when he states his enjoyment from seeing people disappointed.

I'm glad other people will get to experience how disappointing it is.

I don’t make personal insults.

Unless it’s Reggie, or any celebrity involved in Nintendo marketing.

I didn't just call Skyward Sword a POS

If you lurk on the discord you’ll see a lot of poop emoji directed at Skyward Sword. He quite literally calls it a POS.

Hypocrisy thy name is Eire.

You should join with gamefaqs bruh.

Wed Feb 17 21 05:56pm
Rating: 1

I'm so very happy about this. Emotionally, musically, my favorite Zelda and I've played them all. I had no problem with controls but I'm also happy to see updates. SOOOOOOOOO STOKED.

Yeah, it's far from my favorite zelda, but it's definitely the most emotional one for me. And the only one I felt a sense of urgency to save her. On every other one, I'll be too damn busy fishing, collecting bugs or whatever to be bothered...

I won't be getting it because games are too expensive in Brazil. But I do hope more people can enjoy this game now Smile

I'll be replaying it on Wii U though

So much salt, Sleagich.

My son just started playing this one on Wii U and he's about to freak out. Comes out days away from his birthday, so perfect.

Yepp! I was hoping for a HD SS and here it is. The J-cons are supposedly better than the WM+ so this is a treat. IMO this is one f the better Zelda games. Perhaps becase of the controllers, but also the story and all, but the general atmosphere of the game is really special.

They definitely are more precise. The tech is a few years past the motion plus.

Gotta agree on the story, seeing the origin is awesome.

Yeah, and that's great! And since it never used the IR pointer we wont be missing that. Hopefully less to very little calibrating. I think they got this.

The origin is awesome for sure, but the entire atmosphere of the games is so great. Somewhat surreal in some ways. The HD Zelda port I wanted.

Thanks, Ninty! You'll get me monnehz!

I can only imagine overall less calibrating. It does seem like the painting filter for far away things isn't in the HD version though, which makes me a bit sad.

As a painter, I am having some arguments with myself as to what I like best with this. Sometimes the blurriness is actually the best part of the picture.. Perhaps the game's atmosphere is better without the HD treatment?

Yeah, I'm not sure to be honest. After we know everything changed and improved, it'll be interesting to kindof compare.

Tue Feb 23 21 06:06pm
Rating: 1

We'll see in some months. Will be fun to compare. Also the motion controls =)

Wed Feb 17 21 06:30pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well, everyone tougth I was crazy when I said this could work with a traditional controller by using one of the sticks as directional inputs.

Who's crazy now :p

I'm not saying it will be the best way to play it though.

Ahhhh It's been some time that I'm in the mood to replay Skyward Sword but I lent my copy to a friend of mine and he never gave it back, he even sold his Wii and I'm suspicious that he gave my Zelda with his console T_T

With friends like these...

Skyward Sword is the only Zelda game I’ve never replayed.
The motion controls were OK on Wii, not great but not terrible. I do hope they make some QoL improvements like muting Fi and not announcing you picked up a rupee all....the....time.

I do hope they make some QoL improvements like muting Fi and not announcing you picked up a rupee all....the....time.

Oh yes indeed! But I have this odd feeling they have listened to the complaints since that's by far the biggest complaint from everyone (those who like and dislike the controllers alike).

I enjoyed this one...didn’t quite love it though. I’ll probably give it another go here at some point.

Hopefully they’ve removed some of the BS hand holding that game had though like telling you how much a rupee is worth every time. If they’re charging full price for it I hope they’re at least going in and making some improvements. The No More Heroes ports were straight forward ports and cost less than £36 for both; if this is just a direct port (or even an emulation like Mario Galaxy) and they’re charging full price that’s pretty disgraceful.

We already know it's not just a direct port.

Beyond more accurate controls and amiibo support has there been anything to suggest this isn’t a straight port i.e going to improve on the complaints most had with the original? Would love to know if so! Just getting rid of the hand holding/Fi intrusions would be enough for me.

Nothing we know. Considering the previous two HD ones, I would assume all textures being redone. But I dont believe anything confirmed. Obviously it used to render 480p, so this is going to be improved and the framerate looks significantly better. Calling it a straight port, even if it was only controls and amiibo support is a bit disingenuous.

cheesus 2
Wed Feb 17 21 10:25pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)


Fix the Imprisonment fights, make them less tedious or cut it down to just one sequence

Fix the error where it shows item details after everytime you restart

Some quality of life additions, option to turn off Fi's guidance

What we'll most likely get:

Amiibo support that gives you a few rupees when scanned

I never played Skyward Sword as I was long past the Wii once it finally released so Im excited to try it out on Switch despite the mixed reception I've heard/read about it.

HOWEVER a full $60 for a 10 year old Wii game that is barely improved graphically!? Come on Nintendo and the sad thing is this will sell well and make Nintendo continue to charge $60 for old ass barely improved games. At least Wind Waker HD was totally redesigned from the ground up to make up its $60 price tag but this is just as lazy as Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Twilight Princess HD were...

You'll love the latest rumour of Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD coming to Switch. Guess what price they'll be? It starts with a 6. To be clear, I agree with you.

Nintendo should change their name to Portendo. Here’s a novel idea, make NEW games! They love these though, little effort, but charge maximum price.

Are you from gamefaqs? Cause they are mostly the ones that always complain about Nintendo games being overpriced for no reason.

And considering that its built from scratch(cause its doubtful if the port is emulated), the original being near impossible to find, and that it has qol improvements, I really can't tell if 60$ isn't worth its asking price.

If you've been with Nintendo for a long time, you'd go with it like most people. I can however get if you're not and look at third party games that are ported and are priced lower because of not having much value.

That's what it means to have games that are demanding because they still sell.

Barely improved graphically is quite the stretch. Twilight Princess wasn't lazy either, but I see now that you don't look any deeper than your first impression to make this determination.

Wed Feb 17 21 11:30pm
Rating: 1

I was pretty excited about this until I saw that it’s $60. I was mostly ok with Super Mario 3D All-Stars’s pricing, but 60 bucks for a barely upgraded port of a single 10-year-old game seems a bit much to me. There better be a substantial amount of new content and QOL tweaks to justify this. There probably won’t be though.

Also, I remember the original having a neat graphical effect that made faraway stuff look like it was part of an impressionist painting. Am I mistaken, or did they get rid of that in the HD upscale? Or was that “effect” just the consequence of playing a game in 480p? I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe I’m just nostalgia blind.

You are correct I think. That was a thing, and may have been implemented because of the weakness of the Wii. So rather than levels of detail and other usual techniques for things in the distance, it has that neat filter. Since the Switch is more powerful, I think it's either been removed, or it's not necessary until further out from the camera.

So the Wii release came with the soundtrack..does this one come with it?

If not, would it be worth trading the wii one with this or keep the original but get this? I wonder..

Didn't only the first run come with the soundtrack though?

From what we know right now, this version does not have the soundtrack.

Well my copy came with the soundtrack alongside the 25h anniversary logo.

I'm guessing Nintendo would add the music gallery in the port.

It released very close to the 25th anniversary.

Will never be as comfortable with the dinky joycons as a big form fitting wiimote, but at least it won't be compromised without an IR pointer.

Though this is yet another reason why Nintendo not adding wiimote support to the switch is pathetic.

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