Miitopia gets an 18+ rating in Russia due to same-sex relationships

Here in North America, the original release of Miitopia on the 3DS snagged an E for Everyone rating from the ESRB. While the Switch version of the game hasn't been rated yet, it'll likely secure the same rating, as it's mostly a port of the original. Over in Russia, the game's age rating is very different.

While the 18+ rating is usually reserved for titles like Grand Theft Auto, Miitopia's Switch release in Russia will indeed be rated 18+. This is due to the game's portrayal of same-sex relationships, as they go against the country's bill "for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values." Any content with same-sex relationships is automatically slapped with the 18+ rating in Russia with absolutely no exceptions.

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Thu Feb 18 21 05:56pm
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Beep-boop. Glo-ry to Rus-sia.

Meanwhile in Brazil you can have full frontal nudity and simulated sex leading to an age rating of 14

Thu Feb 18 21 05:33pm
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But an same sex kiss is still super controversial in Brazil

Not at all. Soap operas have been doing this for over a decade now.

Except that it still receives a lot of backlash when they do, it's rare and always treated as a completely different beast than an hetero kiss.

I don't know how it is today. Thankfully I haven't seen any local TV in about 15 years. But before that there were already gay characters in soap operas with plenty of kissing and relationship discussions.

Do they get backlash from religious groups? Of course they do. But I doubt it goes much farther from that.

Examples! EXAMPLES! Are you talkng GTA or something?

Don't know about GTA, only played Chinatown Wars hehe

Let me give you some: Both 300 movies are censured 16. And that's mostly just because of the violence.
Castlevania 16
Vikings 16
Bodyguard 16
American Pie 14

if you have nudity but no or little violence: 14
if you have nudity, sex and violence 16
if characters are naked a lot, have a lot of sex, and there's a lot of violence 18

Thu Feb 18 21 08:38pm
Rating: 3

Well, nudity is more normal than killing people (don't tell the USAians though)...

Contrary to popular belief, we don't walk around naked in the jungle :P

And if you look at the most dangerous cities in the world (homicides by 100k people) Brazil is full of them. Heck, the city I used to live ranked 19th once.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't walk around naked in the jungle :P

Pfff. And there are like no polar bears roaming the streets of Oslo!

Wasn't Sau PAulo one of the worst? GTA Sau Paulo should be a thing!

São Paulo is actually for the most part not even close to some other cities in Brazil.
Basically, if you get the State of São Paulo and the 3 states of the south of Brazil (immediately below SP), you have a decent developing country. While all the rest makes the Wild West seem as tamed as a sleeping sloth with a full stomach.

GTA São Paulo would be interesting. The Brazilian voices for Max Payne 3 were pretty good Smile

So crime isn't so bad there? Could be a boring GTA game then Smile Well, better than GTA Oslo I guess.

It could be interesting depending on how they go about the story. There's a Brazilian movie called Elite Squad. I highly recommend to give you an idea of the reality of the situation. And it's an entertaining movie.

If you have a VPN, it's on Netflix in Brazil until March 3rd. It has subtitles in English. The movie has a lot of violence and cursing, but it's rated 16 hehe

GTA Oslo would be tamer than that Simpsons game that copied GTA huahuahuahua

I ahve VPN actually, but I am not a Netflix fan for some odd reason...Could be my bad net with a max of 500GB/month ;) But if there's a BR/DVD version yo can point me to I might check it out. Or go the naughty way!

I don't live in Oslo anymore. I hate Oslo today. I live in a small town with about 12000 population...in a red house just by the woods... With some rather eccentric people. If you are a Twin Peaks fan, you'll get it. Point is that a GTA version woldn't work, but a fine, surreal mystery game could Smile

I recommend the naughty way then :P
Half of Brazil download the movie even before it hit cinemas, so you'll be the least of their worries.

Wow! Would love to live in a small town. Your town has 12 thousand people. My city has 12 million people. There are places within São Paulo that would take me over 3 hours to get to if there's no traffic whatsoever. If you add the neighboring cities that are attached to it, the population grows to 21.9 million people. That's a lot of NPCs to run over hehe
I guess you'd hate it here so much Oslo would look great in comparison. Just the noise and pollution are enough turn offs for a lot of people who come here.

Looking forward to the surreal mystery game and/or the murder mystery novel ;)

Russia sux. Fight me Bots

Thu Feb 18 21 05:56pm
Rating: 4

Beep-boop. Glo-ry to Rus-sia.

you have no idea how funny I found this. Thanks.

Thu Feb 18 21 06:09pm
Rating: 1

Ironic, since there are great LGBT artists from Russia.

It's sad how the issues of a few powerful people can lead to hate campaigns against ways of thinking they don't like.

What a bunch of superstitious cowardly lot.

Thu Feb 18 21 06:25pm
Rating: 2

Oh the humorous irony... back in the day, old Ronnie Raygun--patron saint of American self-destruction--turned the cold war into a holy war because the Russians at the time were largely atheists. Now Russia is a religious hell hole, where failure to conform to the holy norm can get you imprisoned or even killed.

Ronnie Raygun


You and DECAF87 have really derailed this post to the funny side Smile

In Soviet Russia, Miitopia plays you.

On the plus side, at least Nintendo isn't capitulating to the Russians by cutting same-sex relationships out. I mean, it's something.

But yeah, Russia bad to queer people, fuck Russia.

Nintendo has become the one of the big three with less censorship! Isn't that odd?


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