Secrets and hidden details in Pyra & Mythra's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer

A smashing analysis!

Pyra and Mythra have been revealed as Challenger Pack #9 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and their trailer is filled with references to Xenoblade Chronicles 2! We break out the old Analysis Machine to see what secrets and hidden details we can find, including more details on their movesets and the new stage!


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I'm a simple man, no Derrick, no Jon, no views

I'm a simple man, no Derrick, no Jon, no views

Fri Feb 19 21 10:56am
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I un-subbed after jon left and subbed to Nintendo Life. I was starting to hate their content and it's really annoying how they re-post the videos that are on Nintendo's channel.

I still stuck around for Derrick, but once he was gone I immediately un-subbed.
He started something with Ash (who is mostly okay) and Steve (one of the whiniest people on Earth), but because of Steve I opted out.

That reposting is useful for the first hour or so, depending on how long it takes Nintendo to post it themselves. But after that it's just clutter Sad

I watch all of them and the Easy Allies. Since everyone seems struggling to put out content given the light beginning of the year.

Nintendo Life and Easy Allies I watch some based on YouTube recommendations, but do not subscribe.

I'm using the lack of content to catch up on audiobooks Smile

I subscribe but I've never ringed that bell. It just seems that's so the content is spammed even more frequently.

I should try looking into audiobooks. Since most of what I consume in youtube is in reruns at the moment. News, games, anime just recycling similar points. ATM.

Audiobooks are awesome! :D
I love them!! I got hooked with Harry Potter read by Jim Dale. Now I have 30+ books listened to

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