Study finds Switch to be the most eco-friendly platform on the market

Pinching pennies

If you're worried about how much juice your gaming platforms suck up, then Switch is the system for you. That's what a new study from NerdWallet shows, anyway.

According to the site's survey, the Switch will cost the average user £101.43 in energy bills throughout its life. This is considerable lower than the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, which cost £165.77 and £200.24 respectively. The study also found the Switch to be the cheapest when it comes to cost for the average user throughout its lifetime, coming in at £880.05.

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I won't be clicking the link and giving that site any traffic. I posted this on Discord earlier and posted the direct source, Nerdwallet. There's some very interesting nuggets of information in there, the Wii was actually the cheapest console overall of all platforms. The Wii U was second cheapest and is a little marvel with extremely low energy consumption. We'd heard this before, but it's nice to get a reminder. Here’s the real link:


So what are you suggesting? That your source is better than the one that was actually given research and time?

"That's what a new study from NerdWallet shows, anyway."

I think you're confused, the link I gave IS the source, NerdWallet, I even said so in my comment. Straight from the horses mouth, as opposed to the indirect link given as the source in this story. I wouldn't give them the time of day. Here is direct quote from NerdWallet:

"Interestingly the Nintendo Wii performs best in this study - costing just £646.24 over its lifetime. But even the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch all cost less than £900 over the course of their lifetime."

But you know, that site, gotta create clickbait with a deceitful headline. Don't know if they acknowledge that the Wii and Wii U perform better in the main body of the article, I'm not giving them the click they're after.

Eire has a hate-boned for Nintendo Life because they were banned from the site....just like they were banned once from Gonintendo.

I don't think it really takes studies to figure this out. But nice to know, anyway.


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