Two mystery Switch game SKUs pop up in GameStop's computer system

Here we go again!

Once again, GameStop's computer system has been updated with mystery SKUs for upcoming software. Out of nowhere, two unnamed SKUs have popped up in GameStop's internal listings, and there's absolutely no details on what they're for. All we have to go on right now is that both SKUs appeared at the same time, and they're both full-priced game.

Obviously, lot's of people are attaching these listings to the rumors of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes for Switch. Those rumors also state that official details are coming this week, so I guess we'll find out the truth soon enough!

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If Prince was still alive we could ask him if it's Diamonds and Pearls? Would you be a happy boy or a girl with this announcement?

These are the 2 Zelda collections for the 35th anniversary : HD collection with the 2 hd remasters and 3D collection with the 3ds games (except Triforce Heroes of course so that Aonuma can once again complain that we still don't like this game).

Just watch. Also sorry Pokémon fans.

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