Rico the Squirrel's Action Adventure "DOTORI" Launches on Switch Today

A 2.5D adventure!

Today's a great day for platformer fans, as DOTORI is releasing for Switch. You can read a full recap on what this experience is like below. Remember, you can still get the game for a 20% discount as well!

DOTORI is a side-scrolling action adventure game with unique graphics and music that features Rico the Squirrel's journey to save his kidnapped sister from a mysterious owl.

As Rico the Squirrel, player uses simple controls such as running, jumping, and throwing to explore places full of secrets. DOTORI presents a unique 3D world with creative character and stage design, each stage showing off its original gimmicks. A good example would be magic cubes that can be found in the game. The player can stop the cube in the air to use it as a foothold, or use it as a shield to block deadly lasers.

Rico has to pull through fights against powerful bosses, including the magic-using Condor and Mole that is stronger than anyone else in the game. Their attacks can be dodged with Rico's unique actions and stage gimmicks, by which player can discover their weaknesses and choose the point of attack.

DOTORI has a total of 40 stages, and the hidden chapter is unlocked upon clearing the game. Consisting of 25 bonus stages with higher difficulty, the hidden chapter provides a whole new gameplay experience.

DOTORI, Rico the Squirrel's quest to save his sister, is released worldwide today(Thursday, Feb. 25) on Nintendo eShops. A special 20% discount is offered on purchases through Nintendo eShop and Steam (offer ends on Wednesday, March 9).

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